answering some of the most common questions

Aerial Photography

How far do you travel outside of Nashville?

We will go to most areas in Rutherford, Davidson, Maury, Williamson and Marshall counties. For areas outside of our immediate locations, we have a $25 per hour travel fee to and from the location with the origin starting in Spring Hill, TN.

Do you have your Part 107 license to fly legally?

Yes, we are equipped with a licensed drone operator who is sure to keep up with the latest news, laws and regulations. Our drones are registered and all flight plans are pre-planned and approved before ever coming to the location.

How many pictures and/or videos do I get in the Aerial Photography package?

There is no limit to the amount of photos or footage given. Everything that is captured within that hour is given to you to do with it what you will.

Is there a time limit to the photography sessions?

You will have 1 hour with the drone operator so be sure that the location is ready to begin when the appointment time comes. Some locations will take less than an hour to fully encompass everything that needed to be photographed, however, we keep the time limit in place to ensure we are on time for other appointments.

What if I need you for longer than the time limit or 1 location?

No problem! Let's plan it out. For anything outside the normal scope of work, feel free to submit your idea on a project and we can send you an estimated price quote.

Can I edit the Cinematic Video after I see it?

Yes! We encourage your input and allow 2 free edits with your package.

Can I have the raw photography and footage used to make the Cinematic Video?

Yes, it is free and available upon request. It is not given as a default to be sure space used on our drives are reserved for production wanted.

Real Estate Photography

Is there a limit to the number of photographs taken?

There is not a limit on photographs given. The size of the property will determine the package selected. It is an understanding of what we will be capturing that day based on the size selected and we come ready to photograph every bit of it.

Do you take Twilight photos?

We are currently perfecting the art of Twilight photography! Be sure to check back periodically when we are ready to take these photographs on a commercial scale.

Why do you need my headshot and logo?

We use this in the virtual tour that is in the premium package. We can also implement this into the cinematic video as well.

When should I expect to have photographs?

Either package will be delivered to you the next day by 5pm, regardless of weekend and holidays.

How long do you keep the proofs available?

We will have the package available for up to 6 months and then it may be deleted from our drives. Feel free to ask if we still have the proofs after 6 months as we may still have them saved elsewhere and just need to dig them up!

Can I request the proofs given are reserved for my marketing only?

Yes! We will use any photographs and videos taken to promote ourselves, however, if you'd rather we did not use them, we are happy to oblige at no additional charge. Just let us know.

What kind of virtual tour is given in the Premium Package?

It is a rolling video of the photographs given. It comes in both branded and unbranded versions good for MLS use. Please click link to see past work: Link to Virtual Tour

Can I use a custom domain on the virtual tour?

Yes! For an additional $15, we can put on any domain you'd like and it will be good for 1 year.

What is your service area?

We will venture to Williamson, Davidson, Rutherford, Maury and Marshall counties as part of our services. If you have a property you'd like us to venture out to, feel free to submit a request and we can try to accomodate. We charge a $25 per hour fee to travel outside of our territory originating from Spring Hill, TN to the location and back.

What are all the ways I can book an appointment?

We know our day can get away from us at times so if you don't have time to go through the online booking, feel free to give us a call, text, email or even chat us on the website. If we can communicate, we can book! We'll be sure to send you a confirmation so you'll be sure you have the appointment set.

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